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Friday, April 20 Real Estate

Latest property transfers: $33.1M total

The Town Clerk's office recorded the following property transfers from June 30 to July 4:

21 Woodside Lane, Jeffrey M. and Judith M. Killeen to Donald L. Miller and Michelle Bradley, $935,000.

42 Newtown Turnpike: Louise A. Castillo, estate of, to Tianjin Litian America LLC, $585,000.

34 Sasco Creek Road: Jack G. and Carol W. Kovatch to Robie Livingstone Spector, $1,200,000.

Real Estate Listings

21 Fairfield Ave,: Paul J. and Ellen Molter to Marc J. and Jill W. Isaacs, $1,403,500.

113 Bayberry Lane: William English Jr. and Tracey Kelly to Jeffrey R. and Michelle S. Yanover, $1,510,000.

15 Vani Court: Stewart Weisberg to Steven and Rita Ryder, $375,000.

37 Sniffen Road: John J. Moranski, trustee, to Richard E. and Tamanna Rahman Madigan, $1,650,000.

4 Greenbrier Lane: Brett and Deborah Greenberg to Jeffrey David Amato and Karen L. Fountain, $1,525,000.

Hawthorne Lane and portion of 95 Bayberry: Bernice S. and Ronald S. Freidson to Robert and Valerie Gutman, $925,000.

5 Valley Heights Road: Holly M. Stevens to Bing Perry, $795,000.

20 Wassell Lane: Wassell Lane Corp. to Ivan K. Alexander and Daniel Delaney, $185,000.

5 Sunrise Road: K. Dean Hubbard, Jr. and Mary Jo Lombardo to Saugatuck Capital Management LLC, $499,900.

38 Silent Grove North: Frank and April Fraulo to Steven V. Secundo, $810,000.

6 Viking Green: Richard D. Zeisler to Ludovit Pauliny and Jeanne H. Yang, $1,200,000.

11 Dexter Road: Paul A. and Lisa C. Summerfield to Valerio Capri and Maria Isabel Marques-Capri, $1,370,000.

8 Town Crier Lane: Andrew R. and Jill Ann Jones to Steven Zatz and Deborah Shaw, trustees, $2,475,000.

66 Strathmore Lane (tax paid in Norwalk): Ryan W. and Meaghan Drummond to Aracely Janis, $409,000.

5 Hawthorne Lane: Peter and Virna Brooks to Anne T. Noonan, $1,250,000.00

9 Woodland Drive: Christopher and Senta Cassell to Jian Pan and Xueqin Tian, $3,025,000.

12 Edge Hill Lane: Paul and Caroline Gibson to Paul A. and Lisa C. Summerfield, $900,000.

19 Duck Pond Road: Josephine L. Gierer to Eric J. Katz, $2,152,500.

7 Ambler Road West: Larry M. and Georgia Wasserman to Jayson A. and Susan I. Bernstein, $695,000.00

24 Narrow Rocks Road: Howard Cutler to Markus and Letitia Wolfensberger, $1,055,000.

63 Richmondville Ave.: Luciano and Marta Sieber to Arye Shahar, $980,500.

3 Sunnyside Lane: Angus and Valerie Rogers to Tiffany Yip and Tolga Haluk Ozgen, $2,580,000.

76 Ludlow Road: Daniel A. and Lorin Klaris-Weiss to John L. and Winifred Marion, $1,425,000.

2 Conte Place: Robert C. Baxter to Odksa Business Management LLC, $265,000.

10 Burr Farms Road: Daniel J. and Carol Lauer to Jack and Wiesje Vanhulst, $967,500.

Total value of the property sales is $33,147,900, generating conveyance taxes of $79,534.75.