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Monday, April 22 Police Reports

Norwalk man charged in $8,900 cell phone theft

WESTPORT — A Norwalk man has been charged for the theft of boxes containing $8,900 worth of cell phones, police said.

Curtis Basdeo, 52, turned himself in to Westport Police after being told there was a warrant for his arrest on a charge of third-degree larceny.

According to a release by Lt. Jillian Cabana, on Sept. 28 officers went to the AT&T store located on Post Road East for a report of a stolen item.

“An AT&T retailer received an alert that merchandise had been removed from the store safe. The complainant, an employee of the AT&T retailer, contacted the project manager of a company hired to repair recent flood damage. The complainant spoke to the project manager identified as ‘Curtis’ and another worker on scene,” Cabana said. “During the conversations, no one advised the complainant any merchandise was moved off site, nor was anyone given permission to remove anything from the safe. Upon officers’ arrival, the store was found to be closed due to the flood damage and there were no signs of forced entry.”

Officers responded to the address of the hired clean-up company in Fairfield, Police said. Basdeo, the project manager, was at another job site upon officers’ arrival. He responded to the location in his company vehicle and retrieved a box containing 12 unopened phones from his personal vehicle.

Officers later learned the phones had been delivered to the store earlier in the week and were valued at over $8,900, police said.

The items were seized and the investigating officer submitted an arrest warrant application for Basdeo, which was later approved.

Basdeo is scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court Nov. 14.