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Saturday, May 30 News

Westport property sells for $1.33 million

The following property tranfers took place in Westport for the period of April 27- May 1.

6 Rebel Road

Price: $1,740,000

Seller/buyer: Mark Shulman to David L. & Samantha P. Yanks

17 Hale Street

Price: $285,000

Seller/buyer: MTGLQ Investors LP to Mark Steffen

5 Orchard Road

Price: $1,255,000

Seller/buyer: Carol C. Garey to David & Sarah Manning

77 Bayberry Lane

Price: $2,275,000

Seller/buyer: David J. & Kimberly A. Ambrose to Long Valley Road Trust, Howard Altman Tr.

14 Dawn Drive

Price: $1,100,000

Seller/buyer: Alan M. & Lisa A. Eisman to Geoffrey & Lindsay Hollander

40 Colony Road

Price: $1,307,500

Seller/buyer: Walter S. & Karen E. Smith, Jr. to Sabrina Eliasoph & Mark A. Walsh

25 Vani Court

Price: $1,335,000

Seller/buyer: SIR-25 Vani LLC to Joseph M. & Bridget E. Tichar

1 Berkely Road

Price: $1,612,500

Seller/buyer: Christopher & Deborah Anderson to Mark McWhirter

6 Snipperleys Hill Road

Price $1,000,000

Seller/buyer: Louis & Rosanna Alfero to Michael Sloditskie & Amy Crane

18 Vani Court

Price: $275,000

Seller/buyer: Brian M. Brandan & Christopher A. Bowes to George Andrew Frank

17 Stony Brook Road

Price: $2,125,000

Seller/buyer: Kenneth Lametta to T.J. Sheridan & Andrian Bentham

62 Morningside Drive South

Price: $1,312,500

Seller/buyer: Venkat Sampath & Carol E. Alexander to Orlando & Alison Villanueva

5 Marsh Road

Price: $992,500

Seller/buyer: Kelly M. Burgeson to American International Relocation Solutions LLC

5 Marsh Road

Price: $790,000

Seller/buyer: American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Stanle & Sandra Skawinski