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Thursday, September 24 News

Westport grand list grows by $133 million

WESTPORT — The town’s grand list of taxable property showed an overall increase of 1.17%, or $133,442,936, from the 2018 net grand list, due to new construction and renovations.

The grand list — the net assessed value of all taxable property in Westport — rose from $11,311,830,644 in 2018 to $11,445,273,580 last year, and saw increases across all three assessment categories: Real estate, motor vehicles and personal property, according to a Tuesday news release.

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Real estate assessment totals, which represent 94.16% of the grand list, increased 1.11 percent as a result of continued residential and commercial new construction, as well as renovation activity within the last assessment year.

New apartment and retail developments at 793 Post Road E. and 501 Main St., alongside the new assisted living facility at 1141 Post Road E. and the new development at 500 Main St., contributed to the increase in the grand list.

While personal property increased 1.75%, motor vehicles had a 2.6% increase, accounting for $317,925,555 and $350,622,910 of the grand list, respectively.

“Both of these increases indicate business investment and the ongoing purchasing of new vehicles. Overall, this year’s increase was higher than last year and indicated Westport remains a community of great interest to businesses and new residents,” Town Assessor Paul Friia said.

Top 10 taxpayers in Westport

1. Connecticut Light & Power Inc, Pers. Property, 139,409,760

2. 60 Nyala Farms Road LLC, Real Estate, 89,277,600

3. Bedford Square Assoc. LLC, Real Estate, 58,800,800

4. Equity One Westport Vill. Center, Real Estate, 35,890,600

5. Byelas LLC, Real Estate, 24,424,500

6. Aquarion, Real Estate/Pers. Property, 23,549,350

7. 285 & 325 Riverside LLC, Real Estate, 21,291,300

8. Campana 125 LLC, Real Estate, 20,767,800

9. 1735 Ashley LLC, Real Estate, 19,949,400

10. Ronnie F Heyman Trustee, Real Estate, 19,508,800

While the 1.17% increase is higher than the 2018 grand list’s 1.07% increase, it is still among the lower increases in the past four years. In 2017, the grand list saw a growth of 1.52% and in 2016 there was an increase of 1.36%.

The grand list will be used for the fiscal year 2020-21 town budget calculations. The figures are subject to change based on the outcome of the Board of Assessment Appeals hearings in March and further changes due to corrections or pending lawsuits.