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Tuesday, March 20 News

School board opts to give Landon no pay raise -- salary stays at nearly $300K

There will be no pay raise for Superintendent of Schools Elliott Landon this year as Board of Education members voted unanimously Monday night to maintain his salary at $292,937.

That decision, board Chairwoman Elaine Whitney said, was made "after extensive conversations in three separate executive sessions this year."

During those closed-door sessions, she said board members discussed only Landon's compensation since they didn't have to act on a renewal of his contract this year.

"We opted not to give him a salary increase," Whitney said. There was no public discussion on the reasons for not giving Landon a raise prior to the vote at Monday's meeting.

Even though he is not getting a raise this year, the 75-year-old Landon remains the highest-paid superintendent in the state and the highest-paid public employee in the town by a wide margin.

Last year, the board granted Landon a two-year contract extension and a 1.75 percent pay increase. At the time, his contract was scheduled to expire this June 30.

The vote on Landon's compensation was the last item on the board's agenda and the issue wasn't taken up until 11:30 p.m. Landon didn't comment publicly on the matter and left the meeting, which was held at Staples High School, immediately after the vote was taken.

He declined comment on his way out, saying only to "ask Elaine" about the decision.

"Dr. Landon has made amazing contributions in the past and after evaluating his salary against his peers, we felt he is very well compensated," Whitney said after the meeting.

She said they used Landon's peers' salaries as "a benchmark."