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Friday, March 23 News

School board OK's academic calendar for 2015-16

The Board of Education has approved the school calendar for 2015-16.

Classes that academic year will begin Thursday, Aug. 27, and end Wednesday, June 22.

"What was approved is very similar to the current calendar," said board Chairwoman Elaine Whitney of the Monday vote.

She said the calendar has five snow/emergency days built in. If there are no snow/emergency days, the last day of classes will be June 15.

But if classes have to be cancelled because of snow or any other reason above the five-day allotment, additional snow days would be made up during the April break scheduled for April 18-22 in the new calendar, Whitney said.

Make-up days for students would begin April 18 and continue with each day thereafter, until no longer needed.

The harsh winter this year ate into those five built-in snow days and students are faced with spending the first day of this year's spring vacation -- April 15 -- in the classroom.

The winter recess, on the new calendar, will be from Feb. 15-19.

Students attend classes 182 days while teachers report for 188 days.