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Wednesday, April 25 News

Letter: Register dogs' DNA to trace droppings

My wife and I have been Westport residents for more than 40 years and walk regularly at Compo Beach and along the shore. One of our pet peeves is the dog droppings not picked up by irresponsible and inconsiderate dog owners. These people obviously do not care about their fellow citizens and the disgusting results when someone steps into their dogs' feces.

A short while ago, there was a front page article in the New York Times showing how the city of Naples, Italy was handling this same problem. When dogs are licensed in Naples, a DNA sample is taken and registered. If dog droppings are found on the street, a DNA profile is done on this and the dog owner is fined up to 500 Euros, or $685. (Link to article: http://goo.gl/N675I9) Westport should lead other Connecticut towns in establishing a similar program to keep our public areas free of dog droppings for both hygienic and esthetic reasons.

Robert A. Levine