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Friday, April 20 News

Letter: Reddy clarifies 'a few points'

In response to your publication's April 18 article titled "Gun-law foe challenges Boucher for GOP state Senate nod," I would like to clarify a few points.

First, I am an artist, not a "former" artist. Secondly, I have no problem revealing that I am 62 years old.

Additionally, as part of my support for the repeal of the gun-control portions of PA 13-3, I also am in support of repeal of the costly increases to mental health services, as they also were part of this legislation passed into law without public participation and certainly without any data to support the increases.

Lastly, rather than linking my resume to my name, your (website) linked a police report of a traffic ticket I received four years ago. While I have no problem with complete disclosure, I did find this an odd place to make the link. Furthermore, the matter has long since been satisfied and closed, which I would have advised had I been asked.

Walter Reddy


EDITOR'S NOTE: Hearst newspapers never published the writer's resume, and since it does not exist in the news archive, it could not be linked. The police report to which the writer refers is about his arrest in May 2010 on a charge of failure to appear. He had failed to appear in court to answer a charge of driving with a suspended license.