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Saturday, February 17 News

Letter: John McKinney has plan, pedigree to lead state

Westport Republicans have an opportunity to vote for state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney for governor on Aug. 12. This is a crucial primary to select the Republican candidates who are most likely to win the November election.

McKinney and Walker have just been endorsed by both the Hartford Courant and The Day of New London.

Sen. McKinney follows a line of outstanding Republican legislators from Westport districts going back 50 years to when his father, Stewart McKinney, was leader of the Connecticut House and then our Congressman from 1970 to 1986.

Congressman McKinney was a mentor to Congressman Christopher Shays, who was our Congressman from 1987 to 2009. Both of these outstanding men were fiscal conservatives but socially moderate consistent with the Westport electorate. Christopher in his turn has been a mentor to John McKinney. He follows in the footsteps of these two superb public servants.

Sen. McKinney is the only candidate who has come forth with a plan to significantly reduce the size of state government. With smaller government and reduced spending, his plan calls for the elimination of Connecticut income taxes for the middle class by 2017. For more information about his plan, go to www.mckinneyforgovernor.com.

To revive the Connecticut economy and provide more jobs, through less spending on state government and the resulting lower taxes, please vote for the team of Sen. John McKinney and former U.S. Comptroller Dave Walker. John grew up and went to school in Westport and Fairfield. He knows us and our community. Be sure to vote for John and his running mate, Dave, on Aug. 12.

Pete Wolgast