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Tuesday, April 24 News

Between the lines ... or not: The rules for parking are different in Westport

Parking in downtown Westport and at commercial centers along the Post Road is often treated by some local drivers like a blood sport, leaving everyone else to adopt a survival-of-the-fittest attitude.

"No Parking" frequently is taken to mean, "No Parking ... For Drivers Unimportant Enough Not To Be Me."

Or, "No Parking ... As Long As I Can Find Another Spot Within 10 Feet of The Store."

Or, "No Parking ... Is Merely A Suggestion By Those Obsessed With Orderliness."

And those pesky stripes painted on parking lot surfaces to delineate individual spaces, well, they're suggestions, too.

After all, taking up parts of two (or more) parking spaces with a single vehicle -- each more impressive and expensive than the next -- is simply a rule of the road in Westport.

And talk about pesky! Those curbs designed to define the boundaries between a busy street and a parking lot, well, they're really just begging to be obliterated by an SUV too super-charged to be hemmed in by such trifles.

Here's a photo gallery of local parking practices. You be the judge ...