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Wednesday, April 25 News

After rough life, 'Georgie' needs a home with TLC

Westport Animal Shelter Advocates is looking for a dedicated pet lover or family to adopt Georgie, a 2-year-old West Highland Terrier mix who, until his rescue in December, had experienced some rough times.

Georgie was found in December in the parking lot of the Westport Library, cold, wet, dirty and despondent, WASA said.

Veterinary exams determined he had a urinary tract infection -- but also that he had suffered a crushed tailbone at some point and was left with residual nerve damage.

He is recovering. Georgie can run, play and jump into someone's lap, WASA said, and he has been neutered. But he is likely to have continued urinary incontinence.

WASA said Georgie would make "a wonderful pet" in a home where someone has experience in the care of dogs with impairments.

WASA said it would consider potential foster and permanent homes.

All of Georgie's treatment costs are being covered by WASA, which is accepting donations on his behalf. Donations may be made online by visiting www.westportwasa.org.

Information about adopting Georgie is available by emailing wasa1@optonline.net or by calling 203-557-0361.