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Thursday, June 4 Local

Saturday protest against Stamford South End development

STAMFORD — A protest is scheduled this Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. on Woodland Avenue in Harbor Point to “speak loudly against the harmful, exploitative development in the South End.”

The event was publicized on Facebook by state Rep. David Michel, D-146.

“Fellow residents, neighbors, friends and constituents — have you had enough of the abuses?” the post reads. “If so, gather and picket with us! ... Gather to remind our elected officials they represent US — not big developers like BLT,” a reference to Stamford-based Building and Land Technology.

Saturday’s event is to “show BLT and their ‘affiliates’ that we are all united and ready to speak up publicly about their lack of respect for our communities and our state,” the post states.


More Information

To see the event on Facebook, click here.

Humberto J Rocha|Reporter