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Letter: Recalling mom-daughter dynamic

From one columnist to another, I enjoyed Krista Richards Mann's Dec. 6 column "Thinking ahead to when I will have to let her go." It evoked strong memories of the relationship with my own daughter, and the tug of separation that exists as our children move on into adulthood.

The nice part is that our kids do return, and such connections are never entirely lost but simply grow stronger through the years as parents and their offspring experience each other in new and significant ways.

Now, as I watch my daughter, Elizabeth, interacting with her children -- my grandchildren -- I am reminded of how quickly the years have flown.

Thanks Krista, for rekindling those memories and allowing us to savor the bittersweet joys and sorrows that are part of that journey we call parenthood.

Judith Marks-White


The author writes the "In Other Words" column that appears in the Westport News on alternating Fridays.